Copenhagen University, the Technical University of Denmark and the Capital Region's Hospitals have together with Dansk Biotek and the Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry made a growth strategy for the Capital Region 2010-2015 in 2010. The vision here is, that the Capital Region should be among the 5 best Regions in the world that are best to turn research within biotech into sustainable biotech companies.

A spin-out is a new enterprise that was dependent on licensing or assignment of the institutions technology for initiation. Also encompasses initiation of enterprises where the institutions have left it to the researcher concerned to exploit the IPRs to an invention commercially in return for an agreed remuneration for the institution based on future income.

The project is funded by EU Regional Development Funds and The Capital Region Growth Forum.

From 2012 until March 2015 the following results were achived: 

- 198 research environments have been screened

- 64 potential spin-outs projects haven been started

- 41 patent applications

- 20 licens agreeements

- 61 mio. DKK made aviable for the projects

- 23 spin-out companies