All manuals only available in English

As part of Copenhagen Spin-outs, development work has been accomplished to produce operational tools for the TTO’s within these three areas structuring and streamlining procedures from invention disclosure to spin-out, based on best literature, best practice and own experiences. The tools are developed both for short term use in the project as well as for long term use in TTOs in general. The manuals are available here.

The manuals have been created in collaboration with TTO A/S.

IPR Strategy manual

IPR is an essential part of creating value in a spin-out company. It is important to prepare and ensure focus on the value creation and ultimate success of the spin-out project through the IPR strategy. A patent strategy manual is in this particular context set up as a toolbox. The focus is on the pre-spin-out work, but the context will guide the long term development and focus of the spin-out companies. The IP Strategy manual is available here.



Scouting manual

Scouting is one of the important tools to secure the best possible screening of the institutions for potential spin-out ideas. Scouting is on-site interaction with researchers in order to identify or develop ideas suitable for spin-out creation. A scouting report and manual has been developed to further support an entrepreneurial culture among the researchers in their own environment and to increase management awareness and involvement for strengthening and encouraging an innovative attitude. The Scouting report and manual is available here.


Stage-Gate manual

The stage-gate model will provide a common framework for all projects in CSO. The individual project is fed into a stage-gate spread sheet with pre-defined criteria, milestones and decisions and will be assessed to provide an overview of each project’s advantages and risks. The stage gate model is simplistic and focuses on reducing the most crucial risks necessary to overcome and create a sustainable company. The Stage-Gate manual is available here.